Health is the core of human development. It includes in a wider holistic sense, all aspects of Human needs such as physical, mental, spiritual, social and intrapersonal relationships. Keeping in mind these objectives, the medical teams of the Health Centres cater to the well-being of the human persons and are proud to say that they have stepped up the stairs but still more to go. It gives more enthusiasm and joy in spite of sleepless nights when the tears of joy in the eyes of patients, when their excruciating pain is relieved, when bundle of joy is born, when the distressing diseases is cured, when one gets up and walks again. It’s a moment of thanking the Divine Healer for granting the opportunity to part-take in His Healing ministry. ‘Mysore Province’ long awaited dream was fulfilled by establishing a community Health Centre in H D Kote, along with other Clinics where the Province is feeling content that through these Health Centres thousands of people around have seen and experienced a ray of hope in their lives after regaining their health.