Become a UFS

All of us have a call.
A call to live for a purpose in a meaningful way.

What is your main urge?

» To be single, with a profession living a contended life.

» To find a partner, share life, have a family and live happily.


» To dedicate your life to God and serve others as a religious person.




In prayer search to find out what God wants from you…


Speak to persons who can guide you…
Get to know about the Congregations. Select one that appeals to you…

If UFS is your choice, you can speak to a Sister, visit Convent, and have an experience of our way of life. Pray and then decide.

An Ursuline Franciscan Sister Why?

To build a more humane and just society
To be a sign of Love
To be a mother to the abandoned and less fortunate
To empower and enlighten through wisdom and knowledge
To extend compassion and love to the needy

This life inspires all
Challenges some
Impels a few and dares a commitment to service
We need you
Someone, somewhere is in need of you
Then my dear friend you are most WELCOME

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Vocation Promotor
Maria Kripa Provincialate
#84, 1st cross near Puthali Park
Head office Post
Mysuru, Karnataka

Tel No. 0821 / 2497055