Christa Jyothi Convent

Christa Jyothi Convent, jogfalls - November 23, 1965

Address : Christa Jyothi Convent,
Jogfalls Post 577435,
Shimoga District

Phone number : 081860244654

Email id : cje.ufs.jog @

Jog falls is one of the tourist spots in Karnataka for its majestic waterfalls and natural scenic beauty. The town is along the river Sharavathi situated in the heart of the jungles in the Western Ghats of Shimoga, 30 kilometers from Sager. One of the largest hydroelectric station in India at that time and source of electric power supply for Karnataka today.

A large number of people had settled in Kargal, a small town and many of them were employed as laborers. In order to cater to their spiritual and other needs the Diocese of Shimoga requested a committed band of Sisters.

Fr. Joe Mary Lobo, the Parish Priest of Jog falls persuaded Bishop Alphonse Mathias of Chikmagalur to invite Sisters to Jog falls. Sr Millicent Pinto was the pioneer. Sisters walked from Kargal to Jog falls. Due to lack of financial stability they stayed in a transit house of the power project. Sisters undertook educational, pastoral, medical and social development works at Kargal and Jog falls.

As Christa Prakash School was started in 1967 in the parish hall Sisters stayed in the hall block and extended their services to substations such as Kogar, Linganmakki, Siddapur and Padambyle.

Sisters in Jog falls are active pastorally. They teach Catechism and animate associations namely; Legion of Mary, YCS, women association, Vincent de Paul, Catholic association, UFLA, UFB, Samudayas and Sub-Stations.