Christa Prabha Convent

Christa Prabha Convent, Jayapura - June 10, 1973

Jayapura P.O. 577123
Koppa Taluk,
Chikmagalur District

Telephone : 08265/245233

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The dedicated work of the Sisters at Koppa and Balehonnur has given the ample publicity in the diocese of Chikmagalur. Fr Joseph D’Souza, the Parish Priest of St Rita’s Church which was the first Parish of the newly erected Diocese of Chikmagalur invited the Sisters to Jayapura. This was required for faith formation of the “little flock” that resided in and around Jayapura. Apart from this, they were assigned the tasks of beginning a tailoring as well as nursery class and coaching the SSLC children in view of procuring good results.

The Sisters arrived at Jayapura on June 1st 1973, their residence lacked even the basic needs. Hence they dwelt at Nirmala Convent Balehonnur, until June 10th 1973. Immediately after their arrival the Sisters involved themselves in pastoral activities.

The Sisters visited Karkigunda (in the coffee estate) substation regularly and assisted in catechesis and in the reception of sacraments. The construction of the convent building was completed in 1974 with the assistance of Fr Joseph D’Souza. A part of convent building was used to house 10 destitute children. Gradually the Sisters started nursery section by fetching children daily from their houses. The only place they could obtain for the purpose was the parish church – a portion of the church was curtained off and used as a class room for 6 months until the class was shifted to the newly erected braving all the odds  in 1973.

The Sisters are active apostolically. They visit families, coach school dropouts and guide students in their selection of their future career. They are faithful to the charism of the congregation, by way of catechizing of children and adults, preparing them for the reception of the sacraments, animating UFLA and SFO and youth association. This interactions keep the Sisters united with the people.