Maria Kripa Provincialate

Maria Kripa Provincialate - 5 April 2013

Address : Maria Kripa Provincialate
No 84, 1st Cross Near Puthali Park
Head Office Post
Mysuru 570001

Telephone No :
0821 / 2497055

Email Id :

Mysore Province had to go a long way to claim a structure as its official administrative unit- Provincial House. Maria Niketan, Bogadi had efficiently shouldered the responsibilities of a Provincial house from 1998 until 2003. It has to be admitted that organizing activities such as administration and formation programmes of the Province, running a school and dispensary and managing a religious community- all in a same campus can be sometimes taxing. Moreover a growing institution like the Mysore Province demanded a composed atmosphere, which facilitates governance with right discernment. In order to ensure the tranquility, Maria Kripa was brought into being on April 5, 2003.

On April 5, 2003 the house was erected as the Provincial House; it was named Maria Kripa. Sr Jyothi Fernandes inaugurated the house and Bishop Thomas Antony Vazhapilly blessed it. Maria Kripa is an administrative unit of the Province. Besides, the Sisters engage themselves in pastoral apostolate. The earnest prayer of all the Sisters is that all those who reside at Maria Kripa represent good governance to those within and be Christ bearers to those without with the aid of our Heavenly Mother