St Joseph’s Convent

St Joseph’s Convent, Koppa - May 19, 1958

Address : St. Joseph’s Convent,
Koppa post,
Chikmagalur Dist 577126

Phone No. : 08265-221067

A swift glance at the fifty-five years of existence of the Ursuline Franciscan Sisters at Koppa makes one speechless in amazement at the blessings the Lord showers on those who are ready to receive them. This applies to both the Sisters and the people. It refers to the people because they lived in a place which was dammed as ‘Tappu madidavarige Koppa’. It refers to the Sisters as they had to deal with overtones of this label: lack of transport, torrential rains, unhygienic surroundings, and above all a band of followers of Christ scattered all over the coffee estates, who were as a result tepid in their faith. Addressing these concerns to the best of their ability was the principal focus of their mission at Koppa.

Pastorally Sisters are very active involving in all the activities of the parish namely; catechesis, animation of choir, youth, altar servers, SFO, UFLA etc. constant regular visits and prayers in the families are organized.

Education is the fundamental activity that was undertaken by Sisters which has grown in leaps and bounds. Both Kannada and English Higher and Secondary school is being run by the Sisters with good strength. The people of the locality are very much appreciative of the Sisters’ service in Koppa.