St. Mary’s Convent

St. Mary’s Convent, H D Kote - June 2, 1978


Address : St. Mary’s Convent
H.D. Kote Post.
Mysuru District 571114

Phone No. : 08228/255123

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The arrival of the Sisters at HD Kote can be described as a sequel to their presence in Christa Raj Convent at Naganahalli; Bishop Mathias Fernandes, Bishop of Mysore had already envisioned taking the Ursuline Franciscan Sisters to HD Kote when they were established in Naganahalli as early as 1964. H D Kote, a backward village in the district of Mysore, with people just eking out their livelihood was chosen by the Sisters as their mission station on June 2, 1978. The Sisters were of course not new to the place; while being in Naganahalli, they were commuting to HD Kote on account of official work of the school as HD Kote was the headquarters of the taluk of the same name. Besides on Sundays, they attended the church services at HD Kote. From then onwards the Sisters are tirelessly working for the good of the people, both in the education field as well as in the Medical field.

Presently St Mary’s Convent extends its apostolic mission in Education to the economically poor, socially outcast and the marginalized of the locality. Pastorally Sisters have taken charge of teaching catechism, preparation for reception of the Sacraments, Choir, sacristy work and distributing communion. They have also organized UFLA whose services are called for the enhancement of pastoral apostolate.