Domestic Workers Get -Together

June 13, 2018 no comments Natasha Lobo Categories Events

Domestic Workers Get together was organized on March 15 at St Joseph's Cathedral campus, Mysuru.

The gathering began with a meaningful prayer service. Domestic helpers of St Mary's Convent H.D. Kote welcomed the gathering with a beautiful welcome dance.  The program was inaugurated by lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries, participants and one of the UFLA members. As the president of the programme Rev. Sr Apoline Cordeiro addressed the participants by acknowledging the service rendered by them in the communities. She attributed call for service to God and requested all the participants to be thankful to God for every little work that each one does.  She appreciated them for supporting the Sisters by their loving service in order to enable the Sisters to be committed for the religious obligations and service.

Rev. Fr. NT Joseph, Parish Priest of Cathedral Church, Mysuru addressed the participants and appreciated the organizers for bringing together the supportive staff. He encouraged the participants saying that every little work done in love will not go unrewarded by God.

An ice breaking session was conducted for a free mixture of the group. Dignity of Labor, a session was given by Sr Felcy D Cunha in which she explained to the participants the credibility of helpers in the community by analyzing the dignity and contribution of labourers in the progress of the society.  She also connected it with the life of Jesus for he assisted his foster father in a carpentry work before he began his public ministry.

After the lunch a pilgrimage was organized to St Antony’s Shrine, Dornahalli. It was indeed a memorable day to all the supportive staff.