Mysore Province

The Mysore Province came into being as a separate administrative unit initially in the form of a Region on October 7, 1986. At its establishment as a Region, it consisted of 133 Sisters residing in twenty communities. The Sisters were involved in pastoral, educational, social and medical ministries. The objective of the formation of the Region was obvious- to facilitate as effectual administration in view of rendering the Congregation effective in the service of the Church.

Maria Niketan, Bogadi was blessed on October 21, 1992 and was established as the Regional House. The Candidacy programme was conducted within the geographical boundaries of the Region. In the Regional/ Provincial Chapters, the Sisters had underlined the need to familiarize themselves with the charism and spirituality of the Congregation. This is to keep themselves and their works rooted in Christ from whom the charism and spirituality of the Congregation flows. In the third Regional Chapter they were guided by Rev Sr Edilburga Monteiro, Superior General, to shift the focus of the Region from ‘too many to a reasonable few’. She insisted on formulating fewer policies, with a target of implementation within a time bound period. She also emphasized the need to foster enhanced community life, deeper spiritual growth, vibrant apostolic life, discipleship-oriented formation and ongoing formation and financial stability. The administrative teams of the Region/ Province attempted to implement these guidelines.

On January 3, 1998 the Mysore Province was erected. It enjoyed the trust on the one hand and freedom on the other after its erection. This enabled it to launch into various fields of mission and undertake several developmental activities. Once erected as a Province it initiated the Novitiate programme within the Province in 1998. The Provincial administration was shifted from Bogadi to Thilaknagar on April 5, 2003.

The Province consists of immense assets both human and institutional. Currently the number of the Sisters in the Province is 251: 227 perpetually professed Sisters and 24 Temporary Professed Sisters. They reside in 34 communities and one sub- community rendering service in nine dioceses. The Province contains 23 Higher Primary School, one Lower Primary School, 18 Pre- Primary School, 15 High Schools, two Pre- University Colleges, one Degree College, 2 Play School, Four Social Work Centres, two Family counselling Centres and one nodal hospital with three clinics.

The passion of the Sisters for God, God’s people and God’s Kingdom has led the Sisters to tread the untrodden paths. They have moved to Tamil Nadu in 1994 and Andra Pradesh in 2006 and to the distant continent of Africa in 2012. The mission of the Sisters of Mysore Province is challenging as they are faced with diverse cultures, languages, traditions…. However the Sisters have been incorporating all diversities, their paradigms of established institutionalization have changed. They have begun to see, hear and feel from people’s perspective.