Ursuline Franciscan Blooms Convention

March 12, 2018 no comments Natasha Lobo Categories Events

Theme: Care and Compassion towards the poor

The first convention of Ursuline Franciscan Blooms (UFB) of Mysore Province was organized in five different zones namely; Balehonnur, Thirthahalli, Chennai, Hunsur, Bengaluru on 2 December 2017. The programme began with prayer service followed by the lighting the lamp by the president, chief guests, zonal leader and the representatives of UFB.

In the inaugural speech the president highlighted the role of UFBs and encouraged them to shine with Christ’s values and use all their potentials to make the world a better place. To get familiarized with the members of other schools of the zone ice breaking games and action songs were organized. As a result strangers became friends.

Bible quiz was the chief activity that created interest in the blooms to learn and love the Bible that influences their life. The winners were applauded for their interest and active participation.

The chief guest of the day enlightened the groups on the theme ‘care and compassion towards the poor’ with examples especially of St Mother Theresa of Calcutta and Pope Francis. The members expressed goodwill to become more compassionate and caring in whatever way possible to them.

The reports of the activities of UFBs in their respective places was projected on screen by the animators. It was heartwarming to see the variety of acts of love and compassion expressed and the involvement done in the school and parish. Animators were thanked for their unassuming service.

Each unit staged a small entertaining event on the theme that made everyone relaxed and happy. All the members were distributed with mementoes to mark the event. That was a memorable get-together of UFBs of the zones ended with UFB anthem